This is a podcast based in Jeddah started in 2010. Each episode is recorded with co-hosts and different guests, usually at an undisclosed but easily identifiable location in the city. We ramble on about everyday things, what we experience, what we see while living here in Jeddah, and we invite Jeddawis to join us and talk about whatever they want to.


The Hosts

Diana is a fan of sci-fi – notably Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. She reads way more than necessary and probably has what we call information guilt. She is a writer and a blogger, and she sometimes goes by another name.

Squeek, also a fan of sci-fi, likes gaming, reads comic books, enjoys science and discussions of physics and time travel, photography, and film-making. Most of his time is spent hiding from Diana, who routinely forces him to initiate projects with her.

They have been friends for 8 years, are both fans of the show Community, are both geek-enablers, and have both been organizers of GeekFest Jeddah.

Follow Diana on Twitter or on her blog. Squeek may also be found on Twitter, and his blog may be found here.


Please be warned: the podcast is explicit, and we like to think of ourselves and our guests as experts on any and all topics.
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