Vienna’s Quality of Life

In Austria’s capital city of Vienna, many foreigners visit once and decide that they want to live here. The move may be drastic for many, but in order to make the move more comfortable, one must know specific things about this wonderful city. Knowing what the quality of life is in a city before moving to it, is a must. This article will provide information on this subject to help guide future residents into the fine city of Vienna.

Vienna has a great quality of life.  In fact, the economy is doing very well right now. It is thriving and very stable. The political system is not up in the air like some European countries, and people are very happy in Vienna at their jobs, homes, and with life in general. There is very positive energy coming from Vienna and it is very inviting too. Vienna is very majestic, and the diversity of this city is growing each day. Vienna is very tolerant of any person who does not show harm in its citizens. It opens its arms daily and invites others from all over into its fine city. The locals and tourists both agree that this city is a great place to live and visit.

There was an International Quality of Life survey that was taken in Europe in 2015. This survey alone shows that Vienna was voted the number one city when it pertains to quality of life in Europe. This is a great achievement for Vienna. The survey takers voted on specific things and attributes to reach this award. Part of the attributes are political stability, safety, freedom, medical and health fields, educational areas, public services, transportation, recreational choices, consumer goods, housing, and more. This survey took 230 cities all over the world and ranked them based on the answers of citizens. There are many reasons as to why Vienna received this achievement.

Vienna did such a good job in this survey because the citizens answered questions in certain areas. These relate to the theatre, activities available, music, art, buildings, and food. Vienna was dubbed the city of culture by survey takers. They said that there is a lot to do in this city and Vienna caters to everyone who live and visit. Then Imperial Vienna was highlighted a lot. The city’s architecture was a big plus to the survey. The survey takers stated that the beauty of the buildings helps provide Vienna with a great image.

The safety of Vienna and its public transportation also a pus on the survey. Vienna is well known for its safety and great transportation system. The public services are running well and there is always a clean environment. The educational system of Vienna is available for anyone and is very efficient. The city is a great value for the money being spent and the survey takers discussed how the weather in Vienna is great. The winters get a little cold, but overall very mild.

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