MoneyRebel Financial Platform ICO Review

MoneyRebel is a financial platform that is similar to a marketplace. It aims to bring together newcomers, who are interested in exploring the crypto world and its opportunities, with skilled advisors who can provide them with the required knowledge and guide them. Ratings are given to the crypto advisors who are on the blockchain, which helps reduce the trust problem that exists between both parties.

moneyrebel icoThis platform can get a newcomer started in a simple and basic way. It provides an ID access that is enabled by the blockchain technology and provides a smooth user experience in an efficient manner.


  • ICO: 3rd Oct 2017 – 8th Nov 2017
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Ticker: MRP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Available: 904,000,000 MRP (60%)
  • Raised: $2,300,000
  • Accepts: BTC/ETH
  • Hard Cap: 24,000,000 EUR
  • Soft Cap: 2,000,000 EUR

How to Get Started

MoneyRebel makes it easy to exchange currencies for cryptocurrencies. It also offers a secure wallet which makes storage easy. It simply takes a few clicks to transfer the money rather than hours.

Who to Trust to Manage the Currency

This platform provides new users with help from crypto experts as well as from financial experts like bankers, wealth managers, coaches, insurance specialists, lawyers, and accountants. Hence, users will be able to manage their currency without any issues.

Banking Services

This platform also provides banking services free of cost and a free debit card that can enable financial settlements in cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is equipped with a smart budgeting feature that can give users control over their spending. This is powered by AI.

Provides a Financial Overview

This platform also provides users with a 360-degree financial overview of all of their assets which may include funds, stocks, and gold that they could have purchased over the years. It helps provide a summary of their assets in one place rather than remembering too many passwords and accounts. It is through its API connectivity with PSD2 directive through which this is possible.

Investing in ICOs

MoneyRebel believes in the ICO pooling functionality as well. It gives the opportunity to small investors to be able to take advantage of time slots and discounts by pooling their assets which are evaluated by the Advisory Board of MoneyRebel. Through this, they are able to provide new users a platform for safe and secure entrance into the crypto world.

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Review

Having a comfortable seat while you are working is all that a person demands. This desire of yours can be made true with the help of the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair. This office chair is one of the most trusted and reliable ones available in the market. Delicious has a larger article on chairs.


gaming chairsThis chair is the right choice to consider taking care of your comfort and the convenience. It is not only said to be good by the users but also the critics have a lot to praise this. The upholstery of this chair is completely made up of the black leather and the PVC. This executive chair is made with the padded seats to provide you support. This chair is made comfortable for you even if you decide to use it for longer hours than the usual. You can easily adjust the height of the seat accordingly. This chair can also swivel for 360 degrees providing you better view and coverage. The casters that are used in this chair are extremely smooth to roll around and provide you easier maneuverability. It can carry any of the people who are weighing up to two hundred and fifty pounds. This chair comes along with an additional one year warranty. It also provides you the user manual that has guiding instructions about assembling the chair.


  • The chair is not only high in functionality but is also given an extremely attractive and sleek look.
  • It is made ergonomic in design to provide you the required comfort and convenience.
  • The seat is completely padded to provide you great comfort even for longer working hours.
  • It can easily swivel around 360 degrees and provide you better view area.
  • The casters that are used in this chair are made up of caster.
  • You can easily adjust the chair according to your comfort level.


  • The leather used for the seat makes it less breathable.
  • The back of the seat is not at all adjustable.
  • The armrest is fixed and can be sometimes inconvenient to handle.


The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair is a worthy product for you o invest your money in. This chair is known to offer you the utmost convenience and comfort even if you decide to sit on it for longer hours. It also offers you to cover more area by the swiveling feature that it has to offer.

Episode 48: Geeklist Starter

Let’s call this a Starter List episode, wherein me, Squeek and Khayra recommend a bunch of links, websites and other stuff that geeks probably already know.

Let’s also call this a new episode even though it was recorded way before GeekFest Jeddah Beta happened.

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